About Us


Concrete Colorscapes was created by combining twenty-five years of concrete coring and cutting experience with a background in various art medias. With the knowledge of how concrete; in its cured state, can be manipulated using meticulously maintained tools and the creativity to envision exciting colors, designs and graphics it became the passion of Brad Olmsted; a proud Kansan/Wichitan, to offer this to the public. Courtesy, trustworthiness, integrity, commitment, honesty, cleanliness and the respect of the client’s property are all paramount. Concrete Colorscapes strives to create the best relationship possible with all clients and customers and will perform all work as if it is their own. Certified in Decorative Concrete engraving and staining of all types as well as concrete stenciling. Also certified in overlays both horizontal and vertical. 

OSHA certified and fully covered with General Liability, Workers’ Compensation insurance and accredited through the Better Business Bureau for added consumer confidence.  



Call (316) 519-1822 or email Concrete Colorscapes to request a site visit or ask a question regarding your decorative concrete vision.